Three of the fastest EVs meet for lunch

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What do the Tango, Tesla Roadster and Wrightspeed X1 all have in common? Easy, they are all ridiculously quick and sporty electric cars. And now, they've all gotten together for a quick photoshoot and some lunch. While we'd love to snag a ride in any and all of these awesome electrics, a lucky Tesla Motors Club Forum member who goes by the handle 'TEG' has scored a ride or drive in at least two of them. Yes, we are totally jealous. But, at least TEG was nice enough to share some experiences of both Martin Eberhard's Tesla Roadster and the (now blue) Wrightspeed of Ian Wright. He says, "If the Tesla feels like a trapdoor opened and gravity took over, the X1 feels like you were shot out of a cannon. Also in many sports cars you explore the limits of the suspension, but the X1 seems so connected that you are really just exploring the limits of the tires." Yeah. Did we mention that we are jealous?

[Source: Tesla Motors Club Forum]

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