Sales of scooter and small-bore motorcycles are up in a big way. A recent trip to a local scooter store proved to me that finding exactly the model you are looking for can be tough, a problem that did not exist just a few years back. Since there are many different models currently on the market - and many with similarly sized engines - how do you know what kind of mileage you should expect to get from a specific cycle? Test rides are an excellent way to gauge a bike, and if you had it long enough, calculating the fuel mileage would prove rather easy. Since this isn't possible for many of us, though, we must rely on the numbers that other testers are able to achieve.

Rider Magazine recently gathered up a group of small-displacement motorcycles with a view to finding accurate real-world fuel mileage numbers. Scooters, which often score significantly higher in efficiency, were not included in this test. Many seasoned cycle riders claim that larger bikes are necessary for real enjoyment, and though we don't necessarily agree, we're glad to see some mid-sized bikes included for comparison's sake. Take a look at the full results here. The moral: getting 70 miles per gallon is possible, but compromises are needed.

[Source: Rider Magazine]

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