Pics Aplenty: 2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon beauty shots

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Few icons are as synonymous with the American automobile as Cadillac and the station wagon, so it may come as a surprise that Cadillac has never officially offered a station wagon to American customers in its 106-year long history. Sure, there was the SRX crossover that came rather close, and the enormous Escalade SUV, as well. Cadillac even offers the BLS as a wagon, but that's only for overseas customers. Depending on which way you look at it, the new Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon may not be it either. Even with its edgy styling, the extended-roof CTS blurs the line between wagon and hatchback.

The initial trio of CTS Sport Wagon shots released last month may not have shown the new Caddy's best side, but Cadillac has now put out a whole slew of new images which, in our opinion at least, better portray the sharp lines we took in at Pebble Beach and are sure to catch people's attention in mall parking lots and soccer fields of America after it goes on sale here next spring. Check out the new images in the gallery below, and our live shots from Monterey in the gallery below that to see for yourself.

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