Jeremy Clarkson wins: UK reviewing all traffic signs

Clarkson has a thing against roadside signs in the UK: namely, that a great many of them are stupid, and he wants the government to get rid of them. Turns out that Britain's Department for Transportation (DfT) might agree with him, but first they're going to review all the signs in Britain to see how they can make things better. It will be the largest review of signage in 40 years.

Among the variety of objectives, the review aims to examine new sign technologies to help manage traffic flow, provide better information, and reduce accidents and emissions. Another unsaid aim of the DfT is probably to get Clarkson off its back, which is always good for everyone. The first DfT meeting will take place next month, with the first plan of action for creating "signs fit for the 21st century" coming in about a year.

[Source: Britain Depatment for Transport | Photo from Wikicommons, Credit: Dickbauch]

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