In Australia, Police fight "antisocial behavior" with Hummers

Hummers may be a bit controversial due to their highly conspicuous consumption, but it is exactly that prominence that Aussie Police hope to make use of in order to fight crime. Really, Hummers are hard to miss, and a fleet of five of them, even in relatively small H3 size, is sure to get noticed, right?. Okay, fine... so who's supposed to notice these Hummers with custom livery and bright flashing lights? Revelers out having a good time with bad intentions in the nightclub districts of Melbourne. Police in Victoria hope to curb "antisocial behavior" by being a bit antisocial themselves, or at least appearing as such. Not only are prospective criminals supposed to notice the Police Hummers, so are the regular townsfolk, who are expected to feel just a bit safer now that relatively unmodified Hummer H3s are roaming the streets. Gives you that warm-and-cozy feeling, no?

[Source: via Next Autos]

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