Young British drivers to be tested for eco-friendliness

Getting a driver's license in European countries has always been tougher than in the United States. In most countries you can't even start to drive until you turn 18 and even then you have to actually demonstrate driving skills that go well beyond parallel parking and making a left turn. Now, aspiring drivers in England will have to demonstrate another new skill: eco-driving. Apparently, drivers whose style uses a bit too much petrol won't actually be denied a license but the review after the test will include an assessment and tips for how to drive more efficiently. With manual transmissions still being the dominant style in Europe, drivers are being told not to downshift during deceleration and use the brakes instead. Government officials hope that young drivers can save up to a month's worth of fuel annually (about 8.3 percent) by following the tips. The new efficient driving standards will be implemented across the board in the EU.

[Source: The Telegraph]

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