Audi to sell the Q7 TDI in Japan

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It quite seems that the Japanese will soon have more diesel cars available. We already knew about the X-Trail diesel which is going on sale in a few weeks, but now another manufacturer has announced plans to sell a diesel model in Japan: Audi, the marque that created TDI engines. Somewhat surprisingly, Audi did not announce the upcoming A1 or even the A3 bestseller for Japan: instead, the company will be bringing its large SUV, the Q7, to Japan and it's expected to go on sale in 2010. Fortunately, the Audi Q7 3.0 TDI will spot Audi's latest antipollution measures, such as an AdBlue-based NOx catalyst.

As our readers surely know, Japan is still a very closed market for diesel cars (more so than the U. S.), with motorists thinking of diesel engines as noisy, smelly and truck-like. According to German Car Blog, Audi expects that 10 percent of the their car sales could be powered with diesel cars by 2015.

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[Source: German Car Blog]

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