VIDEO: Plug-in Prius tests in London

The plug-in Prius tests that started yesterday in London were not without a bit of hoopla, and our friend Adam V. from Smartplanet was on hand to video a bit of the introduction. We, sadly, don't get to see the PHEV on the road - but I guess we've all seen Priuses driving by now and you can't really tell the PHEV version from the outside except for the stickers anyway - but Adam does get a few minutes of Q&A with Toyota's Colin Hensley and EDF Energy's Peter Hofman. Hofman says that even with today's coal-fired dirty electricity, driving a plug-in hybrid can reduce your CO2 emissions by 40 percent compared to driving a standard, gas-powered vehicle. Hensley talks a little bit about the upcoming revamp of the test PHEV Prius that will feature li-ion batteries for increased power and range. Watch the video at Smartplanet. Thanks to Adam for the tip.

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[Source: Smartplanet]

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