Moller desings flying hybrid car, don't hold your breath waiting for it

Above: One of Paul Moller's past projects, a flying hovercraft

Moller has designed another car which will never, ever see the light of day. This time, it's a hybrid flying car which uses both gas and electric power for its eight fans, which would theoretically provide liftoff. Moller claims that its car has been fully designed already and has been tested in small scale. So, why not just go ahead and continue on with the project? Money, or lack thereof. It seems that the company, which envisions a future where crowded highways are a thing of the past as cars lift off into the sky, is in some serious debt and is in danger of closing down entirely. The hybrid flying car has so far been funded by a wealthy business man from Russia who wanted to escape the traffic he encounters daily when driving to Moscow from his country home. When he found out it would cost more than $5 million to continue the project, he bailed. Too bad, a flying hybrid car is just what the world needs, no?

[Source: Sacramento Business Journal]

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