California may soon allow aftermarket exhausts for motorcycles

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The nation watches as California sets its own standards when it comes to vehicles and emissions. It is often the case that other states, and sometimes the entire rest of the country, follow that far-left State's lead as it progressively makes decisions affecting our vehicles, including motorcycles. There are quite a number of bikes which cannot be sold in California due to its specific motorcycle emissions regulations, a fact which surely dismays many a manufacturer. Of the bikes that can be sold there, they cannot be modified in any way without CARB's green light. As you may know, it is rather common for motorcyclists to change their exhausts, but this cannot be done without using a CARB-certified exhaust fitted with a catalytic converter. There are many hurdles to making it happen, but meetings between manufacturers, dealers and legislators are currently underway which could allow motorcycle buyers a legal outlet to modify their bikes.

[Source: Dealer News via Cyril Huze Blog]

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