2010 Ford Mustang striptease continues

Photo: V8Limited\The Mustang Source

Bit by bit, the 2010 Ford Mustang is taking shape. We've slowly gone from the full-burka cladding to little peeks through it -- a headlight here, a taillamp there -- to this, the best shot yet of the car's rear end. V8Limited, the pseudonym used by one of the forum posters at The Mustang Source, caught a camo-painted but otherwise undisguised 2010 Mustang GT convertible out on the road and managed to grab a good shot before the driver saw what was happening and took off.

Note the upkick in the bodywork when you follow windowsills. On the current cars, it's straight, but on the new Mustang, there's a slight rise at the end of the door panel that flows up into the rear deck, making for more muscular haunches. Mustang drivers will immediately notice another welcome change in the placement of the radio antenna. Instead of the tall vertical whip mounted on the front passenger side of the current-gen car, an angled, shorty antenna now lives on the right rear quarter. Reshaped taillamps make the '10 instantly identifiable from the rear. While they retain the traditional three-element look, they are five-sided instead of rectangular, and the bottoms now angle up towards the car's outer edges. Polished rolled exhaust tips poke through their cutouts in the rear bumper cover, which gets a matte-black finish along the bottom. Finally, those five-spoke wheels are a new design.

In his post at TMS, V8Limited says that up front, the hood extends farther over the grille and that the headlamps are shorter. He didn't get an opportunity to snap the front end, but if Ford has basically undisguised prototypes running around, it's only a matter of time before more shots hit the web ahead of the official debut in November. Thanks to all who sent tips!

UPDATE: A Jalopnik reader snagged a pair of GT coupes from the front. Head over there to see the new front end.

[Source: The Mustang Source]

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