Video: KTM X-Bow gets track tested

We've been talking about the KTM X-Bow for over a year now and while it's nice to read about a car's innovative lightweight construction and its many event appearances, there's nothing like an in-car video of a few laps around Silverstone to help one gain a true appreciation of how the X-Bow makes good on its performance promise. Of course, this isn't just a track car and will be available for the street but the legendary British circuit is where Drivers Republic jumped into the car-as-art-piece and filmed it stretching its legs.

The internet publication also did a lengthy piece with some nice pics in which they discussed some of the merits and short-comings of the X-Bow. Among the things they liked were the cars audacious looks (duh!) and the quality that went into the materials and construction. Being British they felt obliged to compare it with the Caterham and the Ariel Atom. Although the newcomer appears to be an exercise in light-weighting, the older two-seaters beat it in that department. The original specs called for the carbon fiber speedster to weigh in at 600 kg (1322 lbs) but post-production it has balloned to more than 700kg (1543 lbs). The KTM creation does excel in handling though and as the driver makes his way around the track, he fills you in on all the details. So, maybe you're thinking, "This isn't so very green now, is it." and you may have a point. The Audi-sourced engine burns gasoline at an only slightly slower rate than a "normal" sportscar. However, KTM may environmentally redeem itself if it can parlay the technological advances from its £53,850 ($93,871) play toy into some small (hopefully more affordable) city cars. Hit the jump for some KTM X-Bow track action.

[Source: Drivers Republic]

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