Chevy Tahoe hybrid gets put on the stretcher

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It isn't uncommon to see full-frame rear-wheel drive vehicles stretched to within an inch of their lives by companies willing to rent them for a night out on the town in style. Usually, the chosen vehicles come from Lincoln or Cadillac, though a new trend has emerged where sport utility vehicles are chosen instead. We've seen plenty of Lincoln Navigators, Caddy Escalades and even Hummers get the stretch, but this is the first time we've seen a hybrid Tahoe undergo the taffy-like procedure. According to LimeLight Coachworks, it wasn't all that difficult to adapt the hybrid system and all of its high-voltage systems to limo duty, but they were very careful anyway. Good thing, nobody wants a few hundred volts of juice running through them on their prom night, even if they want to go green in the process. Apparently, the company considers this more than just a novelty as the fuel savings remained intact right on through the conversion.

[Source: LimeLight Coachworks via Jalopnik]

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