Will BMW bring four cylinder engines back to the U.S. market?

For the past several years, BMW hasn't sold any vehicles in the United States with fewer than six cylinders. With BMW scaling back production of V8 and inline six engines, is the time approaching when four-cylinder Bimmers will return to our shores? Inside Line definitely seems to think the four banger will be back soon, probably in the 3-series and 1-series. The European spec 120i and 320i both use a normally aspirated, direct injected 2.0L that produces 167 hp and pushes a 320i from 0-62 mph in a respectable 8.2 seconds. The 320i is rated at 38.6 mpg (U.S.) on the EU combined cycle, which would probably amount to mileage in the low 30s on the EPA cycle. BMW project director Oliver Friedmann told Inside Line while the gas four cylinders could do well in the U.S. he didn't think Americans were ready for the the four cylinder diesel in the 123d and 320d. Personally, having driven the 123d I'd have to disagree on this count. I think that Americans would actually prefer the superior torque of the diesel and a real world 37 mpg. BMW hasn't yet responded to a request for comment from ABG.

[Source: inside Line]

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