Banks Power introduces Economind diesel tuner

Aftermarket performance shops have offered performance tuners for a wide variety of vehicles for years. Typically, these tuners - which plug into the vehicle diagnostic port - are used to adjust the engine calibrations for more power. Banks Power is now introducing a turner called the EconoMind that lets diesel truck owners optimize their engines for improved power delivery but more importantly improved mileage. By skewing the calibration curves, Banks claims that the EconoMind can improve mileage by up to 20 percent.
For several years, Banks Power has been developing high-performance diesel engines as well as testing a variety of alternative fuels. With diesel prices now higher than gasoline, Banks has developed this new tuner that will eventually replace its existing line of OttoMind tuners that were geared more toward performance. The EconoMind doesn't come cheap at $769 but it can also monitor a variety of engine parameters. Banks is also planning on producing a variety of similar units for upcoming diesel powered cars from Volkswagen, Acura and BMW.

[Source: Detroit News]

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