Audi reportedly considering bring A3 TDI to U.S. market

With Volkswagen having just debuted the Jetta TDI in the U.S. market, the question is what comes next? Volkswagen and Audi have already announced plans to launch diesel versions of the Touareg and Q7 early in 2009 with a 3.0L V6. The compact Audi A3 shares a platform with the Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf and Jetta and in Europe it's available with the same 2.0L diesel that's in the Jetta. Fourtitude reports that Audi North America is considering adding the TDI powerplant to the A3. The European A3 offers the 170 hp version of the 2.0L but if it does get offered here it would likely be only with the same 140 hp unit offered in the Jetta. This way Audi would not have to certify another engine. Audi officials, of course, will not comment on such speculation, but if it does happen it likely wouldn't be before 2010. Most likely, Audi will be watching how the already-announced diesels fare in the U.S. market before making a final decision.

[Source: Fourtitude]

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