Spy Shots: Chinese Chevy Lova reveals next-gen Aveo?

Click above for more spy shots of the Chinese Chevy Lova

We were hoping to get a new sub-compact from Chevy that would ape the design of the Beat concept, but we're seeing more of a Malibu influence in these spy shots of what appears to be the next-gen Lova in China, or what we know as the Aveo in the U.S. The front grille especially looks inspired by the Malibu's schnoz, which is fine, but the rest of the car -- in particular the tall greenhouse -- is still easily identifyable by its econo-car roots.

You can also see a few shots of the interior in the gallery below. Though not very clear, the instrument panel looks agreeable, though you can bet the materials were chosen to hit a specific price-point rather than look and feel like high quality pieces.

Truthfully, however, we don't really know if this updated Lova has anything to do with the U.S. market Aveo, and these pics aren't the greatest. Still, it could hardly be any worse than what we've got now... right?

[Source: Jalopnik]

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