Hyundai renews small car focus, city car considered for U.S.

Hyundai swung with the Genesis and connected big time. But even though the Korean automaker wants to take its public perception upward, that doesn't mean it plans to keep releasing big, luxury sedans. For the six new and redesigned models that will appear by 2011, Hyundai America's product development chief says "We're looking at small, fuel-efficient cars." The company will also be giving buyers the option of putting smaller engines in some of their vehicles.

The i10, only on sale in India right now, is being considered for America (or not). And if the fortwo does well, Hyundai could invest in giving the i10 the safety and engine changes it would need to make it Stateside. A four-pot Genesis Coupe will available for the low twenties. Hyundai's first hybrid will be installed on the redesigned Sonata, which gets redesigned in 2011, and the reworked Tucson will get four-cylinder engines only, along with the Santa Fe. And when the Tiburon goes bye-bye in 2011, it could be replaced by a small, FWD coupe based on the Veloster concept.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req'd]

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