Seoul Motor Show: Hyundai Veloster Concept swoops in

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Hyundai unveiled three new vehicles at the Seoul Motor Show, and the first we'll talk about is the sporty-looking Veloster coupe concept. According to the PR materials, the Veloster has potential Gen-Y shoppers in its sights, and to be sure, it's an attractive little coupe. The trapezoidal grille opening reminds us a lot of the new Mitsubishi Lancer / Evo X, and the overall shape is similar to a number of other vehicles in this class. The roof is mostly glass, with a metal, bodywork-colored "mohawk" running through the middle. The CHMSL that's integrated into the tail end of the "mohawk" behind the rear glass is a slick touch. The triangular, shoulder-mounted taillamps and single, center exhaust outlet add some flair to the car's posterior.

Inside, a terrific-looking retro/modern interior incorporates neat features such as an iPod dock in the center console and an Engine Start button on the top of the shift knob. Power comes from a 2.0L four-cylinder that drives the front wheels via a 5-speed manual. Whether or not the study will eventually amount to anything on the consumer side is anyone's guess, but as concepts go, it's fun without being totally outlandish.

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Hyundai Unveils Trio of New Vehicles
at 2007 Seoul Motor Show
• Veloster sporty coupe concept targets Y-Gen
• New H-1 reinvigorates Hyundai's competitiveness in vans
• FD estate wagon expands C-segment offering

(Seoul, Korea) In a demonstration of its growing design and engineering capabilities, Hyundai Motor Co. unveiled three brand-new models at the 2007 Seoul Motor Show which opened at KINTEX today. Leading the trio was the Veloster, a sporty coupe which caters to the unique requirements of the Y-generation. Joining the sporty concept car were two production models: the TQ van, a thoroughly fresh interpretation of Hyundai's hugely successful H-1 van and the FD estate wagon, styled at the company's European Design Center in Russelsheim which marks Hyundai's long-awaited return to this popular segment.

Styled at Hyundai's Design and Technical Center at Namyang, the Veloster (codenamed HND-3) coupe is the third in a series of daring concept cars to be developed by the central styling studio in Korea. The Veloster name, a compound of velocity and roadster evokes the sporty characteristics of a classic two-plus-two. A panoramic glass roof and other futuristic styling cues help project a high-tech image.

Designed to cater to the tastes of the Y-generation, Veloster combines simple, iconic design with good value and robust construction.

"With Veloster, we wanted to try something really different. We're keenly aware that we need radically new products for the Y-generation, the first-time twenties something buyer," said Oh Suk-Geun, Hyundai's vice president of design. "This is really a bold new direction," he added.

Technical Specifications:

Veloster / HND-3
Length: 4,100
Width: 1,790
Height: 1,450
Wheelbase: 2,600
Tires: 245/35 R 20
Powertrain: FWD 2.0-liter DOHC Theta inline 4-cylinder w/ 5-speed automatic

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