Flying Bug: driver apprehended after 100+ mph chase in a VW

The above image is a dramatization. Bugs don't really have jet engines.

It's being reported as the second most incredible thing next to cold fusion - a VOLKSWAGEN traveling above 100 mph? What next? We suppose a bunch of kids from England will kick Elvis off the top of the charts. Welcome to the 21st century, out of touch news-ninnies. Volkswagen Beetles - proper air-cooled medieval rollerskates - indeed have a tough time cracking 100 mph in stock trim. A New Beetle, which is really just a modern Rabbit in drag, can easily crank that speedo right around to 125 with its 5-cylinder mill.

In this case, the news media is just piling its idiocy on top of a stupid driver who tried running from the police. It rarely ends well when a driver decides to run, and the case of Nathan Hurlbirt and his gray VW are no different. Hurlbirt and a female colleague were nipping along I-25 in Littleton, Colorado when a Sheriff's deputy took issue with the pair's 115 mph speed and attempted to pull them over. Hurlbirt took off, instead, and the deputy broke off pursuit shortly before the VW crashed after exiting the highway. Hurlbirt and passenger escaped injury, but not the long arm of the law. The lack of injuries is the incredible part; try crashing an old Bug and see if there's anything left to put cuffs on.

[Source: AP]

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