While we impatiently await the announcement from BYD (Build Your Dreams) that their hybrid and electric cars are ready for international markets, the Chinese company has announced that its fuel-frugal F0 is now for sale. Originally referred to as the F1 (the name was changed to avoid legal conflict with the Formula 1 racing league, though its Toyota Aygo-imitating looks were not), the F0 is a low-cost 1 liter-engined car they expect will help them meet their 2008 unit sales target of 200,000 vehicles. Priced at 45,800 yuan ($6,711), the Aygo F0 should be an attractive choice for many Chinese families in the face of rising gasoline prices. BYD claims its 67hp engine gets 4.2 l/100km (56mpg U.S.) from its 3 cylinders pumping all that fury through a 5 speed manual. With low prices come low profit margins, though, and BYD expects to only make about 1,000 yuan ($146) on each car.

[Source: Gasgoo / BYD]

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