Holden emboldened by lack of Chrysler success, offers cheap gas

Apparently taking a cue from our friends at Chrysler, the down under team from General Motors are now offering cheap gas as a buying incentive. Back in June, Chrysler began offering a three-year guarantee of gas at $2.99 a gallon on most new Chrysler vehicles in a bid to get consumers to buy. Holden is now offering buyers a guarantee of 99¢/liter which equates to about $3.22/gallon in U.S. dollars and gallons. The current price for regular gas in Australia is around $4.63/gallon. Holden's incentive goes for two years or 12,000 miles, which is considerably less than the three years/36,000 miles offered by Chrysler. Given the continued collapse of Chrysler sales this summer, it's not clear if the promotion is having any meaningful impact, but Holden is going to try it - at least through the end of October anyway. The press release is after the jump.
[Source: General Motors]


Holden Caps Fuel at 99 Cents a Litre

GM Holden is tackling rising fuel prices head-on by capping the price of fuel at 99 cents per litre for all new Holden customers.

Private customers who buy and take delivery of any new Holden before 31 October will enjoy a 99 cents fuel cap on 91 RON petrol or diesel for up to 20,000 kilometres or two years, whichever comes first, with Holden covering the difference.

Alan Batey, Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales said the Holden 99c Fuel Cap would ease the pain of petrol and diesel prices for Holden customers.

"We will provide this cap across all segments to ensure the benefits are as widely available as possible, given that fuel prices impact all drivers regardless of the size of their car," Batey said.

"Whether you're buying a Commodore for the family, a Barina as your first car, or a Colorado as tool of trade, we know everyone will appreciate our helping hand.

"GM Holden is committed to providing affordable and economical cars to our customers, and this campaign is another way that can be achieved."

New Holden customers will be given a Holden 99c Fuel Cap debit card to purchase fuel for up to 20,000 kilometres, based on the vehicle's ADR081/01 combined fuel consumption figure. In most cases, within 48 hours of fuel purchase, the customer will be debited from their nominated bank account to the value of 99 cents per litre purchased.

Accounts can be monitored by a monthly email statement or checked any time online or by phone. Consumers can see how many litres have been purchased during that month and the savings they have made.

Holden has established a website - http://www.holdencampaign.com.au/99centpromotion - for consumers interested in the Holden 99c Fuel Cap.

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