Toyota notices electric car bandwagon, jumps on

One of the last electric car hold-outs has announced they will finally be jumping on the zero-emission bandwagon. Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe let slip today in Tokyo future plans for just such a vehicle. Skimping on the details he said only that they would be mass produced and go on sale sometime in the early "2010s." Geez dude, throw a dog a bone, would you? Luckily Toyota Executive Vice-President Masatami Takimoto was able to offer more plot clues. "We consider electric vehicles as one of the candidates for sustainable mobility, [but] for the time being the most realistic approach is to use the electric vehicle for short-distance travel," He maintains that, given the limitations of modern battery technology, the next Toyota EV would be a small commuter type vehicle. Hopefully, it will bigger than their previous small electric car of that type, the eCom. We also hope they aim for more range than the 120 miles their RAV4EV got with NiMH batteries, although that range was certainly plenty for a lot of drivers.

[Source: Bloomberg / Business Week]

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