Lori Harfenist, a really funny vlogger, was hired by GM to cover the Detroit Auto Show and she filed a report all about green stuff. You can watch Lori interview a GM's color and pigments designer, NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon, Designer: Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia and Def Jam Founder Russell Simmons in the video above.

Indie singer Kat Parsons took a tour of the Toyota factory while on a trip to Tokyo. In the video below the fold, Kat takes a ride in a "self driving electric car" that tours the Toyota factory and passes by what may be an electric filling station. Seems Toyota has GM beat on the whole self-driving car thing.

The electric car looks like the Toyota E-Com which has a 60-mile range, charges in 2 hours and can go up to 62 miles per hour (electronically limited). According to this web page, E-Coms are currently in trials.

[Source: YouTube]

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