Microsoft getting into the car WiFi biz

The Internet has been invading every aspect of our lives, but until recently most of us have gone without a connection to the World Wide Web inside our cars. That's changing with third party companies and OEMs beginning to offer 3G WiFi solutions for automobiles, and Microsoft says it's working on an even better idea. The Seattle-based software giant is working with the Universities of Massachusetts and Washington to develop a more reliable WiFi experience that enables the reception of multiple signals simultaneously to cut back on choppy service.
Microsoft's WiFi solution would leverage fledgling municipal wireless infrastructures to bring the Internet to your car. The Ballmer boys are betting that WiFi services will spread like wildfire in the future, and its new technology will be able to utilize multiple signals at the same time to make in-car Internet as smooth as what you get at home. On the surface, in-car Internet sounds ridiculous, but think of all the iPhone-like apps that could make your life easier. Weather, navigation, information, show times, and even gaming for your passengers would be a click away. You could even read Autoblog in the parking lot while your spouse goes shopping.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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