Chrysler's What's New 2008: uConnect web w/VIDEO

Click above to view a video of Chrysler's uConnect in action.

At Chrysler's annual "What's New" gathering at its Chelsea Proving Ground, we were able to get a demonstration of the new uConnect Web system, which transforms any vehicle into a rolling WiFi hot spot. The hardware consists of a WiFi router with a built in wireless 3G modem. The 3G modem automatically connects to the internet and allows any WiFi enabled devices, such as a laptop, iPod Touch, Nintendo DS or XBox to connect, as long as you're within range of a cell signal. Chrysler is offering the system as a dealer installed option through it's Mopar parts division starting this August. Initially, it will only be available for 2009 models, but earlier models will be added further down the road. The system will cost about $500 installed plus $29 a month for unlimited service, and if you sign up for a two-year contract you get two months for free. Theoretically, you could use the system as your home internet service with your car parked in the garage, making the initial cost of installation and monthly service charges a bit more palatable. Check out a video of the demonstration we received after the jump.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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