GM offers early retirement to 9,000 white collar workers

As part of the ongoing numbers game between the Detroit 3, their workers and the UAW, General Motors has plans to offer more early retirement packages to some 9,000 of its white collar (non-unionized and salaried, that is) workers. For those who like to keep track of such things, that number represents about a third of the 27,000 white-collar, non-union workers who call the General their employer. If GM gets its wish, around half of those offered packages will accept and have plenty of time to keep those white collars clean and pressed for their next job interview. Employees offered the package will have 45-days to decide whether or not to accept. Although no real details of the care package have been released, rumor has it that GM has sweetened the pot a bit as compared to previous rounds of attrition by increasing the pension payments for younger workers.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press, Photo by silent (e) | CC2.0]

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