Camping is for squares... the Mehrzeller Caravan Concept debuts in Dsseldorf

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Yes, we've got more new from the recreational and commercial vehicle show going on in Düsseldorf, Germany. After the Fiat Portofino and VW Topos Sails concepts comes something intriguing straight from the RV industry itself... with a little help from BMW. It's called the Caravan Concept and it's by a company in Europe called Merhzeller. Designed by Christian Freisling and Thersa Kalteis, the Caravon Concept is a traditional hitched travel trailer that's skinned inside and out with more polygons than a PS2 could process. The idea is that customers can custom design their trailer using an online "Konfigurator" so they get just enough geometric shapes to meet their needs. The only bit of warmth on the Caravan Concept is the wood floors, counters and table top on the inside, but other than that it's full blown Fortress of Solitude on wheels, and we like it. BMW is one of many sponsors behind the Merhzeller Caravon Concept, which also includes about three dozen European companies we've never heard of. Regardless, Squob reports that the trailer is building buzz in Düsseldorf, so there may be hope if you yearn to vacation in this 8-bit snowball.

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