BMW helping disabled vets get back behind the wheel

Kudos to the crew at BMW, who recently donated a few cars, a handful of instructors and one of its test tracks to an injured Marine training class. A group of soldiers wounded in Iraq were invited to the track to learn performance driving techniques behind the wheel of some seriously desirable machinery, including the 650i coupe on the right. The vehicles were modified in order to allow the disabled soldiers to operate them, some with hand controls for Marines who had lost their legs in battle. To operate the throttle, drivers pull back a hand lever and push forward to operates the brakes.
Injured soldiers are provided with driver training after healing from their injuries. According to the Marines who attended the BMW training, though, the skills learned on the race track were much more thorough and will prove invaluable in their transition back to daily life.

[Source: The New York Times via Kicking Tires Photo: Chris Keane / NYT]

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