Will VW's Polo come to the U.S. market?

The VW Polo BlueMotion is one of the most fuel efficient internal combustion vehicles available on the market in Europe with CO2 emissions of just 99 g/km and consumption of 48/74 mpg on the European driving cycles. Volkswagen has never offered the Polo in the U.S. market because when it was affordable (due to exchange rates) there wasn't much demand for such cars here. More recently, when the company could have used such a car here with rising fuel prices, the weak dollar has made it prohibitively expensive. Jim Motavalli has driven the Polo in Europe and wants one here. Will we ever get to see it? According to VW spokesman Jim Gill, we won't get the current generation Polo. However a redesigned version is a couple of years off and if fuel prices continue to climb the company would consider it. Now that a new plant for VW is being built in Tennessee, the company certainly has the option of building such cars here at lower cost than importing them from Europe. We shall see.

[Source: New York Times]

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