Two Arab investors interested in HUMMER

The HUMMER brand isn't exactly sterling here in the States due to high fuel prices and its standing as the poster vehicle for green groups trying to save the environment from the evils of CO2 emissions. That's probably the biggest reason GM is looking to offload the brand, and while it doesn't seem likely that anyone would want the marque, there are interested parties. According to GM's Middle East Managing Director, Terry Johnsson, one group is a pair of Arab investors. The Middle East has been a player in the automotive landscape over the past few years, as the region is rife with cash and oil and has growing transportation needs. Arab investors were 50% of the Aston Martin sale in 2007, and Abu Dhabi's investment group purchased 5% of Ferrari in 2005.

Many of the early suitors for the HUMMER brand have since decided to bow out. Whether the final buyer is Tata Motors, investors from the Gulf, or some yet unknown party, the General will want to move quickly before the brand's value falls any further. Thanks for the tip, Epyx!

[Source: Reuters]

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