HUMMER has bidders, next Saab to be built in N.A.

General Motors CEO, Rick Wagoner, mentioned in passing that several parties have expressed interest in purchasing HUMMER and that GM is moving as quickly as possible to seal the deal. "We have some interested buyers," Wagoner told reports while attending the opening of a new GM engineering and development center.

The sale of HUMMER would help fund GM's attempt to boost liquidity to the tune of $15 billion by the end of 2009. Other brands could be cut or paired down, but Wagoner insists that Saab will continue to soldier on. "Saab is a critical part of our European portfolio and has the potential to be quite a good moneymaker for us." He went on to say that the next Saab will be built in North America, although it wasn't divulged what model would be produced or where.

[Source: Reuters]

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