Ford seeking directors for Mustang movies

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If you want to be the next critically acclaimed filmmaker, the Ford Mustang may be your ticket to an audience of millions. Ford and are teaming up on a contest to see who can create the best Mustang-themed script. Would-be filmmakers can choose from one of eight Mustang stories or pick a tale of their own, then write a script about it. The people with the top 20 scripts as chosen by Ford and will get a budget of $5,000 to produce their film, along with contacts at local Mustang clubs for the use of vehicles to shoot. Those 20 winners will have two weeks to submit their finished work, and nine winners and an alternate will receive an additional $5,000 in prize money. The top 10 will also get the chance to create a promo that will appear on network TV. The grand prize winner gets the opportunity to direct a film for promotional materials for the 2010 Mustang.

That's a pretty cool contest for aspiring filmmakers everywhere, but there isn't much time at all to get in on the fun. The contest ends on August 26 (today!), and the top 20 winners will need to have their initial work completed by September 16.

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