Doh! All plans for return of MG to U.S. dead

Blame gas prices. Blame the housing market. Blame the dollar for being worth much less than it was in 2005. But ultimately, you'll probably need to blame the Chinese for the total lack of MGs being sold in the U.S.

Despite initial plans by MG's new owner, Nanjing Automobile Group Corp., to sell a U.S. version of the TF roadster, the company now says conditions are just wrong here in the States. "The U.S.A. isn't on the short-term radar as an anticipated market for us, but with the right product, it would be good to return there," Gary Hagen, marketing director of NAC MG, says in a story on Austin Rover Online. Of course, with the car also goes any hopes of a U.S. assembly plant in Oklahoma. The final twist of the knife is Hagen killing any hope of the company shipping Chinese-made kits to the U.S. for assembly.

Buck up, MG fans. You've waited 20 years. What's another 20? Right?

[Source: Austin Rover Online via Automotive News]

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