MG still looking for dealers in the US

Do you remember the fight over the scraps of the once-proud Morris Garages (MG)? Remember how Nanjing Automobile Group ended up with the rights to produce MG vehicles? The ones that ended up being relabeled Modern Gentleman? And remember how there was a joint venture formed to build MG cars in the United States out of Chinese or British-made kits? Well apparently you're not the only one who forgot that last bit. After reading reports out of the UK that said the joint venture was dead, the venture's largest investor, Marc Nuttle, did a Mark Twain and told those involved that it is very much alive.

The apparent confusion resulted from the fact that Oklahoma Global Motors doesn't have its licensing proposal finalized. They fully expect to have it ironed out by April 16, however. Nuttle says the group is also looking to start establishing its 40 dealer network starting in April. Company President and former head of Lotus, John English, will conduct the dealer search. Nanjing recently restarted production of the "new" MG TF and MG7 sedan at the old MG works plant in the UK, nearly one year to the day after MG went on the block. The "new" TF is the model that should make it Stateside. If all goes as hoped, kits will be shipped to Oklahoma where they will be assembled and sold to U.S. customers.

[Source: Automotive News (Sub. Req.)]

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