Things that never were nor ever should be, Part II: the Dodge Caravan "CarCamel"

Click above for gallery of the Car Camel

You need something to carry a car, but you don't want just any old pickup truck or SUV because anybody could do that. And since you do have that vintage Dodge Caravan lying around... why not grab the chainsaw and make something really special?

Allow us to officially introduce the Car Camel. Apparently plying the highways of Ontario, Canada, it's a shortened minivan with a car hauler stuck to its backside. It ain't pretty, and it probably ain't too fast, but we have to admit that it is pretty neat... if you're into that kind of thing. Have a look at the gallery of images below, but if any of you get the idea to make a Car Koala... please, don't. Thanks for the tip, Zak!

Jackpot! Autoblog reader Paul H found the owner's personal blog on which he explains how, and more importantly why, he built the Car Camel. Also check out more pics of the Car Camel, including it actually carrying a car, in the gallery below.

[Source: Photobucket]

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