BMW to focus on green tech, not supercars

Click to view the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept in hi-res

The automotive industry seems to be heading in two diametrically opposed directions: developing fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly cars on the one hand, and a seemingly never-ending race for more horsepower on the other. While BMW continues to produce overpowered performance vehicles like the V8-powered M3 and V10-powered M5 and M6 to gun for top honors in the latter category, executives in the Bavarian automaker insist that their main focus is on the former.

In an interview with AutoTelegraaf, Klaus Draeger, the BMW board member spearheading the EfficientDynamics program, says that, despite the unveiling of the M1 Hommage supercar concept, BMW will not be producing a competitor to the Audi R8 supercar. Citing deployment of the EfficientDynamics system in 850,000 vehicles this year alone, Draeger says that the company will instead focus on green technologies. "That is our biggest investment in the coming years." We'll see.

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[Source: AutoTelegraaf via eGMCarTech]

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