$84 million ZAP! plant for Kentucky to be announced today

It looks as though the passing of Xebra-friendly laws and promises of millions of dollars in tax incentives will result in the building of an $84 million ZAP! factory in Kentucky. The governor of the bluegrass state, Steve Beshear, is expected to announce a deal between ZAP! and Integrity Manufacturing Inc. later today that could eventually result in up to 4,000 jobs (according to Integrity) with salaries averaging $20/hr. The new plant would give the California-based electric vehicle company a domestic manufacturing facility at which to produce its three-wheeled Xebra as well as the long-touted reverse tricycle Alias and future models. The new factory is to be sited at the Wilkey Industrial Park in Franklin County and possibly be as large as a million sq.ft. According to a local news blog, the deal has its critics who question the viability of the project as well as ZAP's commitment. Time, we suppose, will be the final arbiter but in the interim we'll keep you up to speed on all the details as they emerge.

[Source: WHAS11 Political Blog]

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