Pics aplenty: 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid

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Last week, Honda officially revealed photos of the 2009 Honda Civic range (which is now on the company website, too), which received a mild facelift as part of its mid-cycle enhancement. As was hinted in the spy shots that came out a short time ago, the grille has been reshaped to fit in with the rest of Honda's vehicle range, the front bumper now incorporates a tri-opening look, and out back, the taillamp lenses are slightly more detailed than before. A chrome strip now spans the area between them on the trunklid as well.

The Civic Hybrid soldiers on with its uniquely-styled wheels and gets standard stability control for 2009. As you can see in the gallery below, leather seating is also now available, along with Bluetooth connectivity and a USB interface for portable media players. The 1.3L four with IMA is unchanged and is rated at the same 40 mpg city/45 mpg highway as last year's car. Overall, yes, the car's changed, but only very slightly. Meanwhile, everyone waits with bated breath for the official unveiling of the big H's hybrid-only Prius fighter.

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