Spy Shots: Honda's hybrid-only Prius fighter!

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Honda has acknowledged that not having an instantly-recognizable hybrid-only model since the demise of the Insight (still modern-looking today) has taken a toll. While the company offers the Civic Hybrid, that car lacks the green cachet that Toyota has very successfully cultivated with the Prius. So, Honda made no secret that a new hybrid-exclusive model was coming, and wouldn't you know -- it's very reminiscent of the Prius!

The spies at KGP snagged the car out testing, but there's no denying that its teardrop shape brings Toyota's car to mind. We assume this is the result of Honda going for the most aerodynamic shape possible, which resulted in a profile that can't help but be similar to the Prius. A look at the FCX Clarity shows that Honda's new weapon shares much with its big brother, too. In front, the grille slats solidly carry the family resemblance forward from the new fuel-cell car, and when the new hybrid is ultimately shown without the cladding and cover-ups, we have a feeling that it'll look a bit like a downsized Clarity. The Toyota Prius is a major success story, and Honda wants a piece of that action. You know the saying: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And so, it appears, they are.

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[Source: KGP Photography]

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