eBay Find of the Day: Texas dealer's replica BMW 135 tii

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Now that BMW's 1-series has a solid presence on dealer lots, enthusiasts of the Roundel can start with lusty customizations that pay homage to the great BMWs of the past. In the case of this 135, we can say that BMW started it with its Concept tii that made the rounds in late 2007. Classic BMW in Texas plucked a 135i out of its stock for Projekt 1. Many of the "upgrades" that have been applied to the car are largely unneeded cosmetic geegaws like mirror covers and bodykit accents. We're down with the matte stripe job on the hood, and the vaguely described "retrofit front suspension" and performance exhaust system offer some tangible benefits; the exhaust even proves its worth with dyno sheets.

Basically, the exhaust and suspension are the only things on the list worth having, and those would cost about 5 grand, rather than the 12K price inflation this 135 is carrying. While we're sure Projekt 1 is a hoot to drive, we already have a hard time getting behind 1 Series pricing, no matter how brilliant the chassis is. Slapping a bunch of junk on it and bumping the price into the heady $50,000 neighborhood doesn't make it any more attractive. Still, if you want to have the most exclusive 135i on the social climber block, a Buy It Now of $55,372 will make it yours. Thanks for the tip, David!

[Source: eBay]

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