BMW bumps its prices for 2009

High commodities prices and the unflattering value gap between the Euro and U.S. Dollar are forcing a lot of European automakers to bump their prices here in the States. We told you a few weeks ago that BMW was planning on raising the sticker price on many of its products, and now we're starting to see the extent of the damage. The price changes range from an increase of $600 on a 128i to $1,400 on an M6. The 335i received several MSRP increases, with the sedan going up by $800, the coupe by $1,200, and a raise of $1,300 for the convertible. The 328i sedan, meanwhile, rose $700 to an MSRP of $33,400.

Options also went up in price, as the dual clutch on the M3 has gone up by $200 making it a $2,900 option. The sport package for the 335i sedan and coupe has risen by $450, and some standard equipment like the Logic 7 Sound System has been nixed for 2009. Beginning in October, iPhone integration can also be had for $150. Since $150 is almost the price of the phone, that one smarts just a bit. To see more 2009 BMW pricing (except for the new 7-Series), hit the read link below.

[Source: BMW Blog, photo by rahims | CC 2.0]

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