Volkswagen considering price hike

Volkswagen is making money hand over fist right now thanks to cost cutting measures and increased global sales, and the German automaker wants to keep the good times rolling. High commodity prices for items like steel, aluminum and rubber are beginning to eat away at VW's cash horde, so the German automaker may hike the prices of its vehicles. VW marketing chief Detlef Wittig told reporters that he feels automakers are afraid to raise prices in such a competitive sales environment, and that the company was monitoring the situation closely. While VW may not be afraid to pull the trigger on price hikes, it likely still won't ask customers to pony up the entire amount for high commodities. A lot will depend on whether VW's many competitors also jack up MSRPs, and by how much.
It seems as though most automakers here in the States have either announced price hikes or are "thinking about doing it." The market is even more competitive in Europe, so such a decision isn't as easy. Wittig expects several automakers to raise prices in the second half of the year.

[Source: Automotive News (subs req'd)]

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