Spoon to recreate NSX Type-R in LHD trim for U.S.

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Honda's decision to only offer one Type-R model in the U.S. – the DC2 Integra – is still considered a crime among Hondaphiles. And of all the models that could have benefited from a serious performance injection later in life, the NSX was a prime candidate.

Thankfully, Spoon Sports, a long-time motorsport partner with Honda, will rectify the matter by converting left-hand-drive US-spec NSXs into NSX-Rs. The conversion involves a long list of modifications, including stiffer springs and shocks, larger anti-roll bars, forged 17-inch wheels, a shorter final-drive gear ratio, slotted brake rotors, flat underbody trays and a rear diffuser. Part of the NSX-R's appeal was a product of Honda's desire to keep weight in check, so in order to get as close to the JDM version's 2,800-pound curb weight, Spoon will replace the hood, rear spoiler and seats with carbon fiber pieces, fit a smaller battery, manually-adjustable mirrors, thinner rear window glass, lightweight carpets and will rip out all of the sound deadening material and replace the spare tire with a can of expanding goo.

Spoon hasn't released details on how much the conversion will cost or when it will begin taking orders, but if it has Honda's blessing on the project, expect to see the first few models on the road just ahead of the new NSX's launch in 2010.

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