Paris Preview: Peugeot RC Hybrid concept

Peugeot has just released a group of teaser images of the new concept it will be unveiling at the Paris Motor Show in October. The RC is a four door, four seat coupe that features a hybrid powertrain. Peugeot hasn't provided any other details yet, but the previous RC Spade and RC Diamond concepts from 2002 and the 908 RC from 2006 were all diesel powered. Considering that Peugeot runs diesels in the Le Mans Series and previously showed a 308 diesel hybrid, it seems a safe bet that the new concept will also use a similar setup. Peugeot claims an output of 313hp and carbon dioxide emissions of 109 g/km when running in hybrid mode.

[Source: Peugeot]


The 'RC...' whose full name will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show, is a hybrid concept car created from the passion and expertise of Peugeot's stylists and engineers.

It is a 'GT' coupé which provides the missing link between the RC and concept cars revealed in 2002 and the 908 RC, one of the stars of the 2006 Paris Motor Show. It's a working laboratory of many future ideas and brings together numerous stylistic, engineering and technological ideas all in a single vehicle.

The 'RC...' is also an accessible and versatile car, with four doors, four seats and highly innovative hybrid architecture.

Its aim: a very high level of efficiency both in terms of performance (with its potential maximum power output of 313 bhp) and minimal impact on the environment (CO2 emissions of 109 g/km in the combined cycle or ZERO in electric mode).

It is an exciting, eco-efficient vehicle which has all the characteristics that also ensure great driving enjoyment; a synthesis of ideas which demonstrates that respect for the environment and driving pleasure can be compatible.

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