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Monterey 2008: Infiniti releases G37x coupe, G37 sedan, revised M35

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Infiniti ramped up its presence in Monterey this year with the new G37 sedan and G37x coupe, the latter equipped with the automaker's advanced ATTESSA E-TSO all-wheel-drive system and seven-speed automatic gearbox. We're looking forward to seeing if the AWD coupe can retain the engaging driving characteristics of its RWD counterpart, while providing the security of all-wheel-drive for those of us that like to make a run into the mountains during the snow season.

Infiniti also used its time on the peninsula to show off the first image of the G37 convertible (we curbed our urge to take a picture of the picture), along with the release of the revised M35 and M35x. The 2009 model benefits from the automaker's scratch shield paint, new seven-speed auto 'box and an increase in output to 303 hp, while still boosting fuel economy by one mpg. We're eagerly anticipating the 3.7-liter V6 finding its way under the hood of the M sometime around the turn of the decade, with some G-inspired styling to match its newfound horsepower.

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