Jetstream SC250: An ethanol-capable track-day tool

Going up against awesome track-ready machinery such as the Lotus Elise, KTM X-Bow and Ariel Atom is the new Jetstream SC250. While any minimalist car might somehow be considered green, nothing says anti-eco like a heavy lump of metal and plastic burning fuel solely for the enjoyment of its driver. To lessen the environmental impact somewhat, the SC250's GM-supplied 2.0-liter turbo four is capable of running on ethanol. Not only that, but that engine allows for a four-second run to sixty miles per hour while returning an average of 38 miles per gallon, according to the manufacturer, though the mileage figure would likely drop somewhat when run on an ethanol blend. We do take a bit of issue with the car's styling, though, as it looks a bit like a block of cheese running down the road. Plus, we know there are prettier ways to burn ethanol on your next track-day.

[Source: Autocar]

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