Ford's EcoBoost engines reportedly to cost $700 extra

Ford will be launching production of the first EcoBoost V6 engines early next spring for installation into the Lincoln MKS and Ford Flex. The first units will get a 340 hp, 340 lb-ft performance rating and Ford is planning to charge a $700 premium for the new 3.5L turbocharged and direct injected engine. Compared to a similarly powerful V8 engine, the fuel savings from the new V6 are estimated at $339 a year at $3.25/gallon. At current prices the savings will obviously be even higher. In 2010, Ford will also add the engine to the F-150 as an alternative to the current 5.4L V8. In the next couple of years Ford will also be introducing four cylinder EcoBoost engines in other models. By 2012, Ford plans to have EcoBoost engines available in over 90 percent of its vehicles.

Update: Ford spokesman Alan Hall let us know that no official announcement has been made about EcoBoost pricing yet. We'll let you know as soon as we here something definitive.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. req'd]

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