Small is big in UK used car market

The new Ford Fiesta - available used sometime next decade

The market for used fuel-efficient small cars is just as vital in the UK as it is in the U.S. these days. EurotaxGlass's, publisher of the Glass's Guide, has announced that values of big vehicles "continue to fall at above-average rates as growing numbers of UK motorists shift into smaller vehicles in an effort to lower their running costs." Those costs are a combination of fuel prices and higher taxes on dirty vehicles, which are often those same large vehicles. Here's a good quote from Adrian Rushmore, EurotaxGlass's managing editor: "The current economic climate has accelerated a trend of downsizing in all but the smallest used car segments." In other words, every time that drivers could possibly downsize, they do.

One upside for the UK economy: at least some cars are selling well.

[Source: EurotaxGlass's]

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