Human-powered "Dogsled" cycle shows up for Dream Cruise

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Running alongside the Woodward Dream Cruise this year will be the NextCruise, a green-minded alternative to the petrol-head event. It looks as if the idea of parading down Woodward Avenue along with classic cars, exotics and Hot Rods has brought out some innovative thinkers who have built "The Dogsled," a human-powered four-wheeled cycle-thing. Though its final destination is said to be the next Burning Man event, its creators have brought it out to play this weekend in Detroit. All four of its riders pedal with their combined power going to the right rear wheel. The opposite wheel provides the stopping power. The entire machine is welded up from steel and the ladder-style frame looks downright beefy with all of its triangulation. Full suspension comes by way of old-school leaf springs for the solid axles while the passenger compartment has extra coil-overs for a cushy ride. Very impressive work that we hope to see cruising ourselves when we visit Detroit this weekend.

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[Source: The Dogsled via Jalopnik]

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